If you own a hotel or looking for luxury hotel bed linen services, you’ve landed at the right place. We are going to talk about the basics of bed linen & its importance for hotels. It is often overlooked while you’re busy working on the other aspects of the business. However, it should not be ignored if you want to deliver top-grade services to guests. Fresh bed linen gives a rich feel which ensures the highest quality guest experience. Keep reading why this topic is something worth exploring.

The hospitality industry is thriving & how! Hotels are now becoming an indivisible part of modern culture. From spending weekends to staycations, people enjoy short-term accommodation in tranquillity. Of course, you’ll want their stay to be stylish & grand, and as comfy as possible but bed linen should make a strong image too. Not only it adds ‘wow’ to the room atmosphere but delivers an extraordinary hotel stay experience to guests. Something they’ll remember!

Hotel Bed Linen as Service

The hospitality industry we’re seeing today began in the 17th Century. Before that, people were offered stay and food at their convenience. They didn’t abide by any laws or regulations on how they should offer quality services to guests. Such behavior resulted in inflated prices & low-quality services. England and France started keeping records of who stayed at their hotels. These people prioritized customer satisfaction which adds to trust.

Needless to say, the hospitality industry kept growing & you already know how far it reached.

Guests look out for this to call it a cosy hotel bed experience…

Bed linen is a matter of choice. Hotels need to be very careful while using them as they’re about to be used by people with different skin types. Linen not maintained well can cause allergies to sensitive skin and end up making a bad reputation for the hotel. The type of bed linen you choose, the way it is handled & products used for cleaning – everything is important.

Your guests will check into the room and look for rich-feel linen. They’re here to relax and choose your hotel for comfort. Don’t miss this chance to impress them with comfortable fabrics that help them settle down into their new room easily. If your customers aren’t satisfied with the hotel room experience, you’ll have to pay nasty refunds. To avoid any such requests, take care of your bed linen so it never looks dull, tired, or old to make you pay.

Don’t think your customers are foolish to pay you for ill-managed bed linen. They’re noticing everything and some customers are brilliant enough to ask you a couple of questions too. It is important to maintain good-quality bed linen & meet hygiene standards with regular cleaning. The wash tablets and fabric softeners also play a crucial role in meeting those standards.

Why hotel linen hire makes sense?

If you’re wondering where to buy hotel-quality bedding? Let us drop a secret! Hotels are now preferring hiring hotel linens instead of investing in the same. It helps you to focus on your guests instead of counting the turnaround of your linen. Create a soothing atmosphere for your guests with excellent linen ready for the spread. Your brand reputation will be sky-high with this smart decision.

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The Bottom Line

Your guests expect you to change bed sheets whenever they enter the room. They’re looking for a luxurious welcome with tidy bed linen as basics provided from your end. It is your responsibility to maintain this reputation and meet customer’s expectations. At the same time, it could be a tough job to buy bed linen for hotels in huge quantities, and store & maintain them. After all, it is a costly deal too. This will add an additional task of hotel bedding clearance too which is not for everyone.

Why not make it uncluttered by having Empire Laundry as your helping hand? We’re one of the best in the UK for hiring hotel linen as per your requirements. Our years of experience are rewarding the industry with expertise. Let us help you make your ambiance memorable.