While the commercial laundry industry is expected to reach £3.8 billion by 2025, many businesses are still handling their laundry operations by themselves. From hotels with dirty towels to schools washing tablecloths, lots of companies spend time and money on laundry every day.

At Empire Laundry, we’ve changed the way businesses do their commercial laundry with our handy services. Keep reading to find out how commercial laundry works and how your business can save time and money with our commercial laundry service.

What Industries Does Commercial Laundry Cover?

Commercial laundry helps lots of different businesses, no matter their size. It takes away the chore of washing.

Hotels and places that provide stays are the big users of this service. Imagine a 100-room hotel – it can have 400,000 pounds of laundry in a year! Outsourcing laundry saves time and effort. Cafes and restaurants use it too, so things like tablecloths and napkins are always clean for customers.

Fashion stores and beauty places like salons also benefit. They need clean towels and aprons all the time. Other places like offices, schools, and universities also use this laundry service to keep things clean and tidy.

Hospitality Industry is a broad term and every entrepreneur associated with this sector has distinct requirements for laundry. We’re committed to upscaling your perception of the Commercial Laundry Sector. From everyday items like napkins, tablecloths, bedsheets, and towels to staff uniforms, curtains, and more, Empire Laundry covers it all! Here are the top areas our clients are from…

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

How Does the Empire Laundry Commercial Service Work?

Most commercial laundry services work similarly. They collect your dirty items and return them clean. Sometimes, you might have to drop off items yourself, depending on the service you choose.

Empire Laundry Services offers to make it convenient for businesses. Here’s how it works:

1. Book the laundry service you need, from bed sheets to table covers.

2. Tell us how many items or bags we’ll be collecting and what type of service you want.

3. Choose the collection time and place, which can change each time.

4. We pick up your items and take them to our high-tech washing warehouse.

5. We clean and finish the items, ready to return.

6. You provide a delivery address and time, so we can return your items promptly.

7. Your items are ready to use right away.

Happy businesses mean happy customers, making everyone happy!

We also offer professional linen hire for when your business needs extra items. We’ve helped many businesses with their laundry and linen needs, and we’re here to help more.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Laundry?

1. Save Time and Cut Costs

One of the main benefits is that Hotels can work more efficiently. When they outsource laundry, they can focus on other parts of their business. It also saves money because they don’t have to use their utilities. Instead, they pay a fixed rate, and all the items are handled quickly.

Another advantage of working efficiently is that there’s no need for a backup plan if things go wrong in-house. If a workplace is short-staffed or their washing machine breaks, it can be a big problem. But with outsourced solutions ready to go, these problems don’t have to be a headache, and customers won’t even know about any issues behind the scenes.

2. Extend the Life of Your Commercial Linens

Another benefit is getting more use out of everyday commercial items. Commercial laundry services use expert techniques to treat items without causing damage. Dry-cleaned items also last longer because the material is treated more gently. Professional dry-cleaning ensures that fabric fibres are returned to their best state, so items look like new. This is why we recommend dry-cleaning over regular laundering for linens.

3. Ensure Guest Satisfaction

An impressive 88% of companies prioritize customer and guest satisfaction, and commercial laundry services can help with this.

Firstly, commercial laundry ensures that establishments always have clean and ready-to-use items, so guests never have to deal with dirty linens. Guests at hotels expect clean, fresh beds, and soft towels.

No matter the situation, guests and customers are directly affected by the service they receive. This is the key factor in the commercial laundry market.

Choose Empire Laundry for Commercial Laundry

Now that you’ve got a grasp of how commercial laundry benefits corporate clients, it’s time to take action. We understand that commercial businesses have a lot on their plate, from satisfying customers to ensuring smooth operations. With professional laundry services, you can check clean linens off your to-do list.

For more information and pricing details, get in touch with us today.