Oh, what joy it is to find fresh & clean white bedsheets in your hotel room! Also, neatly folded towels ready for you after the bath add bliss to your stay-in experience. Did you ever notice the peace of mind we get with tidy, good-smelling & well-managed hotel linen? If you wonder how hotel sheets are so white & bright, we’re here to share some resourceful insights.

3 Crucial Steps that answer ‘How to get sheets white?’

  • Expertise in Laundry Services

Laundry for hotels holds a different meaning than it means for residents. Hotel bedsheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, etc must appear as if they’re new. Here comes the main role of a specialist firm that can be handed over the task of managing linen services for hotels. The bedsheets or other laundry may or may not be dirty but they should arrive cleaner, white & fresh. That’s the main goal.

All you have to do is find yourself a hotel laundry specialist whose washing process you can trust. Set standards for cleaner laundry and ensure those standards meet the goals with their advanced machinery & washing process.

  • Giving the new look & feel to all guests

This comes as a default chore for all hotels – change the sheets every time the guest leaves. However, a lack of understanding and poorly paid staff can make it a major failure. Shortcuts like unused towels ready for new guests or tidy-looking sheets left unchanged for a fresh-like look and feel can take a toll on reputation. Such adventure can be risky because a lot of competition is out there to replace you. Will a customer not choose a reputable hotel that never compromises with tidiness?

  • Experienced Staff

Having experienced staff is a blessing in itself. The best of your procedures and materials are useless unless you have well-trained and experienced staff for utilizing the resources effectively. Surprisingly, small hotels with fresh, clean & beautiful linens are more likely to be chosen over top hotels with big establishments looking after linens that need retirement. Who is going to inform management regarding this – the staff? So, if you have a good staff, they’ll look after this as well. And it means a lot.

How Do Hotels Keep Sheets White

How Do Hotels Keep Sheets White? Now you know!

Keeping the sheets or hotel linen whites is a daunting task yet effortless if you have the key! Don’t you agree? All it takes is smart work and attention to detail & boom…you’re sorted.

Get your hotel linen washed with a better result only at Empire Laundry. We’re ready for the advanced cleaning of your whites regardless of they are in any washable form (towels, pillowcases, duvet covers, bedsheets, curtains, robes, and so on). Remember that a satisfying stay experience brews customer loyalty.

Well-managed laundry not only impresses customers but increases customer loyalty too. Moreover, you’ll be keeping your brand reputation high standard with whiter & brighter linens. Well, this seems like a job best done by Empire Laundry – Contact us today!