Well, some people would rather keep shut instead of opening up on this publicly. However, the least you know is that your bedsheet-changing habits can make a huge impact on each and every one. Especially, if you’re running hotels then keeping sheets white can become challenging if bedsheets are not changed timely. This is just an instance, there is more to be taken care of.

Hotel businesses are supposed to be more conscious than home in concerns with hygiene. After all, the guests can arrive at any time, and bed sheets should not just appear bright but be maintained in hygienic conditions. Before you reach out to Empire Laundry for Hotel Linen Services, let us share some of the most frequently asked questions regarding bed sheet cleaning.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets?

Whether it is your bed sheet, duvet covers, or pillowcases, they should be washed once a week. This is a general rule that fits best for homely sheets. It is the ideal duration for keeping your bed sheets in great condition. For bed sheets at home, summers require more frequent wash than winters due to excessive sweating in the hot season. So, the weekly wash cycle can be run.

Hotel linens are expensive and a big deal to be maintained by whites. For hoteliers, the bed sheets should be changed and swapped to a washer every time a guest leave. Guests leave them in different conditions. Some have no marks on them while others can have coffee spills, body hair, fluids, and dirt that demand washing.

How often should you change your sheets?

Your bed sheet linen needs to be changed whenever you witness wear and tear. In case they’re worn out then it’s time for a replacement. Ideally, premium quality bed sheets have longer lasting time than regular ones. Top hotels prefer 100% linen sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets that get softer after every wash. They’re surely costly but worth the investment. Needless to say, they last for at least five to seven years (if maintained well) and so will require less replacement too.

Is there a risk if you don’t change your bed sheets?

You never know the amount of bodily residue (fluids, oils, dirt, and dead skin cells) left on your bed and linen. Hotels have numerous guests checking in and out. In case your sheets are not changed timely, you’re going to make a guilty image. The rest can be assumed – brand reputation attacked. Instead of attending to guest complaints regarding dirty sheets, pillowcases, or duvet covers, make sure to change them as soon as the guest leave.

Go Advanced: Wash your Bed Linens Correctly for Better Care!

Washing bed linens are more than loading them into the washer, adding detergent & running the bedding cycle. The end result should make you feel satisfied and enhance fabric quality for the relaxing heaven you want to create for your guest. This experience will be something your guests will remember you for, don’t you agree?

If you’re a hotel business willing to give luxurious & peaceful (of course!) sleep to your guests then go overboard. Take a step ahead for bed linen care by washing them correctly. Here are a few things that are life-saving for hotel linens.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets

Run Exclusive Bed Sheet Program

It’s normal to think about popping towels with bed sheets while giving linens a wash. If you’re doing this until now then stop! Mixing towels and linens degrade the quality of your sheets. Towels are prone to leaving lint balls that may cover your bed sheets. Also, overloading your washer with more bed sheets at a time can keep your sheets from cleaning as expected.

Give them a proper wash by running an exclusive program for bed sheets only. Don’t add towels. And make sure your washer is having ample load for an appropriate cleaning session. Nowadays, modern washing machines have dedicated wash cycles for bed and linen which makes things much easier.

Use better quality detergents

Hotel linen requires more frequent wash and cleaning. It can thus become expensive stuff to deal with when a large budget allocation goes to detergents. You’re more likely to think about average quality detergents considering – ‘linen just needs to be clean, what else?’. Stop right there! You can damage the quality of expensive linens by preferring low-quality detergents. Always prefer professional-grade detergents for maintaining the quality of fabric for years.

Hand over hotel bed sheets and linens to Empire Laundry

Are you scratching your head reading so many things regarding hotel linen cleaning? Don’t worry, Empire Laundry is here to get you sorted. We’ve been taking care of laundry and dry cleaning services for leading caterers, hotels, restaurants, and more. And we’re proud to take care of this task which seems tough for others!