It feels really comfortable when you wrap yourself in a fluffy and soft towel after your shower.

But there are different factors that can affect the fabric of your towels, and after a few days of using your new towel, you will find it scratchy and rough. For example, using the wrong detergent, water temperature, and more. So, how to keep towels soft? Is it possible to bring back the natural softness of your towel? Well, it can be done. All you need to do is follow some easy-to-do steps and you can keep them soft and comfortable for a long time. Let’s discuss that in detail.

How to Wash Towels to Keep Them Soft?

Well, by washing your towel regularly, you can keep them odour and germs-free. But regular laundering can also lower the fabric quality. So, prefer to keep a gap, around three to four days, before giving it a second wash. However, here are some steps on how to wash towels to keep them soft that you can follow for better results.

Separate Your Towel from Other Clothes

First of all, you should not wash your towel with other laundry items. Prefer to clean them individually. Washing all the clothes together can lead to lint creation. The development of lint can severely damage the lifespan of your towels.

Right Detergent is Important

When it comes to keeping your towels soft, you can’t compromise with detergent. Always use the best-quality detergent while washing your towels. It is advisable to use nonchlorine and color-safe bleach for best results. However, make sure that the detergent has dissolved properly.

Use fabric conditioners

To keep your towels soft, you can use a good quality fabric conditioner or softener and put a few drops into your washing machine to prevent bobbling, fading, and stretching issues while washing. These products work as a fabric lubricant and keep the fabric safe from the wash.

Take Care of Temperature

High temperature can kill germs, but it can also damage the fabric. So, while washing, you need to maintain a medium temperature. Well, around 30-degree to 40-degree C can work well. Sometimes, you can wash your towels at 50-to 60-degree C to eliminate the bacteria. For white towels, you can use hot water, and warm water will be good for colored towels.

Don’t Overfill the Drum

You shouldn’t overfill the washing machine’s drums as this will lead to a less effective wash. Your clothes will not get sufficient space to move around while being washed in the machine. So, if you are using a washing machine with 7kg of capacity, then wash around 5 large towels at a time.

Once you are done with washing, remove it from the machine and shake out well to lose the loops before drying them.

Washing Towels Using Vinegar

Wondering how to keep towels soft by washing your towels with vinegar? Some fabric conditioners come with silicon, and that can make your towels water repellent. So, you can use white vinegar to wash your towels. During the rinse process, you can add around one cup of vinegar. This will eliminate excess detergent and the natural color of the towels.

Tips to maintain the softness of the towels without a dryer UK

Not all people can afford a dryer, and some don’t even know how to use it. So, how to keep towels soft without a dryer UK? Well, to dry your towels without using a dryer, you shouldn’t use too much detergent. For rinsing, you can use white vinegar to keep the fabric soft.

Besides, don’t place the towels on a radiator or directly under the sun. And dry them outside on a windy day. Before hanging your towel, just shake them well to loosen the fabric.

Some more tips

  • Always prefer to buy superior-quality towels made using 100 percent pure cotton.
  • Use the right amount of detergent.
  • Don’t fold them in stacks. Fold them side by side and keep them in a dry place.
  • You can add a little bit of essential oil during the rinse cycle to add a subtle fragrance to your towels.
  • You can go for microfiber towels that have more absorbent quality than cotton towels. Besides, they dry much faster.

Keeping your towels fluffy and plush is not that difficult. Just remember to follow the washing and drying procedures and make your towels feel and look like new.