Best-quality table, bed, toweling & linen rental services in London for hotels, restaurants & entire hospitality industry.

Clean and crisp linen is a basic requirement whether you’re in a hotel, holiday park, restaurant, or own a serviced apartment. COVID-19 has changed and upscaled hygiene standards further. So, you’ll likely expect more from linen rentals than just smooth and silky fabric. Being one of the top Linen rental companies, Empire Laundry offers soft, hygienically clean, and perfect-white linen as per your requirements. Over years, we’ve upgraded our range of laundry services & became your go-to restaurant linen service, and hotel linen hire. We’re trying our best to stay up-to-the-mark with fresh and high-quality linen. No wonder the quantity required, we’re always in a ready-to-deliver phase. Meeting the commercial and operational needs of your business have remained our priority, always!

Empire Laundry is known for perfectly laundered and hygienically clean linen. We understand the importance of lint-free linen for a business. Making it worth your investment, we ensure you have minimal wait-time & experience the best-in-class Linen Rental London with us.