Needless to say, great dining experiences and well-maintained table linen go hand in hand. Though guests arrive to have fine dining experiences and food always has center stage, table linen is something you cannot ignore. Even if you have mouth-watering delicacies, your guest would not count on your restaurant if the ambiance isn’t impressive. Scratchy tables, dirty table cloth, and an ill-maintained restaurant ambiance will break the image.

No matter how old or newly fancy your restaurant is, customers will consider everything from cuisine to the ambiance. Every detail counts!

At Empire Laundry, we offer the best ‘table linen hire near me’ for your restaurant so that you can take pride in your commercial linen. With this said, table linen is something you should focus on for improving the overall dining experience of the customer. This may seem less important for restaurants having a high number of guests daily. They may wonder if table linen holds any importance because customers walk in for their food and popularity. Setting this apart, we’re here with an exclusive list of benefits for table cloth hire.

Table Linen Hire adds to customer satisfaction

As stated above, even the smallest detail holds importance for customers and impacts the overall dining experience. You need to maintain the quality of food and dare to make that first impression remarkable. If you fail at it, your customer may walk out and never consider your restaurant again.

Nowadays, people prefer restaurants that exude class and sophistication. Commercial linen plays a vital role in creating such aesthetics for your guests. Imagine a table with no paper or cloth. It shows a lack of effort by the establishment and makes the ambiance less impressive than it could have been with tablecloths on.

Heavy cutlery makes your precious furniture prone to scratches. Scratches make it look ugly and your investment in vinyl and maintenance will increase. You’ll never want this to happen and so white, cream, or any elegant style table linen can do justice. Besides matching your ambiance, it compliments your class too. You don’t have to show the scratches or dents to your new customers. In addition, your furniture condition remains intact for years. Kudos! You’ll be spending less on refurbishing.

Fresh Restaurant Linen shows your concerns for Hygiene

Believe it or not, many people still prefer restaurants that take care of hygiene over showing off their fancy cuisine. COVID-19 has raised the bars for hygiene and people are not ready to compromise for the sake of the dining experience. Tablecloths are a kind of assurance that the setting is fresh and new. You may choose to wipe the table or sitting area with sanitizer but the chances of bacteria residue still prevail.

It is amazing to upgrade your hygiene standards with rental tablecloths. Change the cloth after the guest leaves and your new guest will be more confident and less fearful to be there. This also signals your staff that a new tablecloth means the previous guest has left and they should get ready to serve the new one.

Time & Cost Effective

Many restaurants take it as a daunting task to wash, dry, and clean table linen. They also find it expensive to do every day. When restaurants invest in linen, it means they have to buy a commercial washing machine for wash-care & dry the table cloth. On the contrary, utility bills come as a bonus.

Hence, hiring table linen seems a smart decision because you’re free from all the headaches of maintaining linen. Moreover, you’ll be assured to have supreme quality tablecloth linen at your disposal as required. This decision is time and cost-effective. You’ll not have to hire someone from your staff to take care of the laundry and focus on crucial areas of your business instead.

Makes for Exotic Fine Dining Experiences

People opt for restaurants for luxury fine dining experiences. The feeling is something unique when you’re seated at a table with finely pressed, soft & impressive linen. It may seem weird but table linen can also improve actual noise levels. They become the noise-absorbing buffer, thus allowing guests to dine in a restaurant without increasing the normal tone of voice. After all, your guests will not like to dine somewhere they have to be loud to be heard. Lastly, fine linen makes your cutlery and glassware appear elegant. In short, it gives an upscale dining experience to your customers they crave to recreate at home.

Get your Table linen clean with Empire Laundry – London’s Linen & Laundry Expert

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Besides meeting the needs of hotel linen & laundry, we’re also taking care of table linen rentals so that you can focus on core business needs. Our customers are very important to us, just as your customers hold importance for your restaurant business. We’re here to take care of your tablecloth linens & we deliver fresh and tidy linen for your tables as required. Feel free to learn more about our services. Drop inquiries or get in touch with our team today!