Some people think that the TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating tells you how heavy or good a duvet is, but that’s not true. Duvets keep you warm by trapping your body heat.

The TOG scale measures how well a duvet holds in warmth, with higher ratings meaning warmer duvets. However, you shouldn’t rely only on the ratings to judge how warm you’ll be because they’re measured on a flat surface in a lab. For more on this, refer to Duvet tog Guide UK on the web.

When you’re in bed, the duvet wraps around you differently, so it’s important to consider how well it drapes. Cheap duvets with low tog rates and made of poor materials won’t keep you warm enough and can leave you feeling chilly in bed.

What is Tog on a Duvet?

So, what does tog mean exactly?

You might have noticed that duvets come with a TOG rating on the label, which tells you how warm they are. Tog is just a way to measure how well a duvet keeps you warm. The higher the tog scale, the warmer the duvet. For example, a 1-tog duvet is very light and cool, while a 15-tog duvet is the warmest.

Usually, the thinnest duvet you’ll find is 4.5 tog, and the thickest is around 13.5 tog. But remember, a thicker duvet doesn’t always mean it’s warmer. The warmth depends on the type of filling inside. Some synthetic materials can be heavy but still, keep you warm like natural fibres. So, the tog rate shows how good a duvet is at keeping heat in, not how heavy it is.

The right to rate for you depends on what you like the temperature of your bedroom and the season.

How to select the right Duvet Togs?

How to select the right Duvet Togs

The best duvet for you depends on two things: how warm your bedroom is and what you like. Since the temperature changes with the seasons, it’s a good idea to have two duvets: one for summer and one for winter. That way, you’ll stay cool when it’s hot and cosy when it’s cold. In this guide, we’ll tell you what to look for in each type of duvet.

Here’s a guide to hotel mattresses that helps you out in selecting the best ones & make a homely bed feel like a hotel’s.

Choosing Duvet tog for Spring and Autumn

Often considered the transitional seasons, spring and autumn can be tricky to dress for, including finding the right bedding. Fortunately, we offer fantastic feather and down duvet blends that make it easy to stay comfortable whether it’s warm or cool. You can select either a 9 or 10.5 tog to match your preference for a wonderfully cosy night’s sleep. Additionally, we have a spring/autumn weight wool duvet available if you prefer something that helps regulate your temperature during these in-between seasons.

Hoping you now have a basic idea of what tog duvet for winter and what tog duvet for summer, let’s move further.

Considering Personal Preferences

Personal preference also play a crucial role here. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to regulating heat during sleep. Some individuals may prefer the cosy feel of a thicker duvet, while others might find them too bulky. If you’re unsure, opting for a duvet with a medium-warm tog scale, around 10.5 tog, is a good choice. You can also add a quilt or throw for those nights when you desire extra warmth.

Adding a quilt is a convenient solution, especially if you share a bed with a partner who has different duvet preferences. This way, you can adjust the weight and thickness on your side of the bed without disturbing them.

Accounting mattresses too!

The type of mattress you sleep on can influence how warm you feel in bed. Memory foam mattresses are known to retain more heat compared to traditional pocket-sprung styles. If you have a memory foam mattress and find it quite warm to sleep on, you might prefer using a light summer duvet throughout the year. However, during the winter months need a thicker duvet (13.5 inch) to make for the perfect temperature.

While we are discussing personal preferences, let’s not forget to discuss what pillows does hotel uses.

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1. What is the ideal TOG rate for a duvet?

Let’s understand how the TOG system works. The best rating for a duvet varies based on personal preference and the season. During warmer months, a lower rating like 4.5 provides a cooler sleep, while higher togs (10.5 and above) offer warmth in colder seasons. A medium rating (around 7.5) offers versatility suitable for most of the year.

2. What tog duvets are commonly used in hotels?

Hotels typically opt for medium TOG duvets, ranging from 7.5 to 10.5. This range ensures a comfortable sleep experience for various guests and adapts well to different room temperatures. It strikes a balance between warmth and breathability, catering to the preferences of hotel guests. That’s the basics on duvet togs explained.

3. Why are hotel duvets so comfortable?

Hotel duvets prioritize comfort by using high-quality materials, such as soft and breathable fabrics. The choice of a medium rating offers a cosy feel without being too warm or too light. Additionally, hotels invest in premium bedding to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall comfort of the sleep experience.